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[1969-1981] Early Childhood- Barry Allen was born in the small middle-western town of Fallville,Iowa, his birth happened shortly after his older brother had gone missing, because of this his parents, Henry and Nora had a strained relationship throughout their marriage. But, besides all of this, his childhood was relatively normal, as a kid, Barry liked to hang out with his childhood friend Iris, and liked to share stories with her in the library, he was a huge nerd towards the science-fiction genre, preferring to read his father’s old comic books based upon the adventures of the Justice Society of America, he was especially interested in a certain golden age speedster. One day, because of his parent’s current relationship was becoming worse and worse, and while he prepared to participate in a spelling bee at school, his mother was struggling to encourage him despite working double shifts and trying to get a divorce from his father. Henry received the divorce papers on the day of the spelling bee, and because Nora had to work, he seethed and took Barry to school. When Nora returned from work, she was happy to see that her son had won the competition, but she was obligated to speak to Henry about their relationship, and so Barry was sent to the bookstore with Iris in the meantime. By the time Barry returned, however, his mother had been murdered, and his father had been placed under arrest, from that day onward Barry decided to dedicate his life on proving his father’s innocence

[1981-1987] Every Summer- After his father’s incarceration, he was taken in by his Uncle Jay and Aunt Eve in Sun City. Even though, he moved away from his hometown, he always kept in touch with Iris, even promising to visit her every summer. And so he did, Berry always kept his expenses to a minimum, in order to use his allowance to buy a plane ticket to Iowa, to not only visit Iris, but his dad in prison as well.

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[Threat Analysis][]

Powers & Abilities[]

Speed Force Conduit- after Barry was hit by the lightning bolt; he unknowingly became a conduit to some kind of temporal force.

  • Accelerated Healing- Barry's molecules move at accelerated rates, mending damage far quicker and more efficiently than normal humans. Without treatment, most damage heals in hours if not minutes with no lingering signs.
  • Enhanced Reflexes-Barry’s reaction time is heightened to superhuman levels; his reflexes allow him to dodge even lightning.
  • Enhanced Agility-Barry's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels. This allows him to easily maneuver, while moving at superhuman speeds.
  • Enhanced Mental process- Barry can think and process loads of information much faster than a regular human, thus allowing him to be 1 step ahead of his opponents sometimes

Superhuman Speed- Barry is currently one of the fastest beings in the world, second only to Wonder Woman. His top speed is currently unknown, but is known to reach speeds up to mach-27.

  • Electro-kinesis- Barry can generate and manipulate high amounts of electricity, while in superhuman speeds.
  • Molecular Acceleration: Barry can vibrate his own molecular structure at varying degrees for a number of purposes, by adjusting to different frequencies.
  • Intangibility- By accelerating his molecular frequency to a high enough degree, Barry can make his body intangible and allow projectiles to pass through him
  • Phasing- By vibrating his molecules on an atomic level, and by doing so at just the right frequency, he can allow himself to become momentarily intangible, and phase through objects

Extensive CSI training- Barry has extensive knowledge on forensics and criminology, he is also well known for being a pretty decent detective, having also trained as a cop, Barry has extensive training in hand to hand combat

Genius Level Intellect- Barry possesses a great knowledge of chemistry and forensic sciences.


Hyper-Metabolism- While moving at superhuman speeds, Barry’s calories burn much faster than a regular human, thus requiring him to intake large amounts of nutrients. Continued usage of his speed while deprived renders him disoriented and weak before ultimately passing out from low blood glucose.

Cold temperatures- Because speed is produced by a build-up of heat in the target's atoms, Barry is vulnerable to extreme cold temperatures. Under these conditions, Barry's speed will be greatly reduced. Also, direct exposure to such cold will temporarily stunt his healing capacities.

Lack of Kinetic energy- Because Barry’s powers are derived from movement, temporarily removing the kinetic energy that he has built up, will temporarily render him paralyzed.


  • Physicality: A
  • Occult: C
  • Expertise: A+
  • Combat: B
  • Strategy: B
    • TOTAL RANKING: High Threat

[Trivia & Notes][]


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  • Jay & Eve Allen are references to the respective characters found in the The Flash(1990) show