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[1974-1976] Early Childhood- Kal-El was born in sector 2813 within the Milky Way galaxy of the planet Krypton. As a member of the noble House of El, he lived in relative luxury in his early childhood. As his father and uncle was leading the scientific and technological departments of the government, discovering and creating new weapons and finding new ways in harvesting the energy that the Red Sun of Rao was emitting, and his mother being part of the High Council of Krypton. With this much power and knowledge within the government, one day Jor-El and Zor-El found the planet’s core overheating and overcharging from the immense energy that was being emitted in the surface, they tried warning the other noble houses, but they were too ignorant to  see the truth. As a last ditch effort of preserving they’re species, Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van sent they’re only son into space in hopes of continuing the legacy and bloodline of Krypton.

[1976-1996] Clark Kent--Missing Data---

[1994-2003] Daily Planet--Missing Data--

[1996-2003] Superman--Missing Data--

[Threat Analysis][]

Powers & Abilities:[]

Kryptonian Physiology- Superman possess more of a dense, resilient and biologically enhanced cellular structure than a regular human, thus allowing for a more dense outer layer of tissue in his organs and different body parts. As an alien he possesses several organs and glands, whose functions are still disclosed or unknown. Some believe that these organs are linked to his bio-electromagnetic force which allows him to perform the unusual abilities of flight, heat-vision, and x-ray vision.

  • Solar Radiation Absorption- as a Kryptonian, his cells function as a super battery, absorbing specific wavelengths of radiation to fuel his superhuman abilities. Different wavelengths have different effects on his overall physique and well-being, but not all type of radiation can be absorbed or utilized by his cells.
  • Enhanced Strength-Superman’s exact limits for his immense strength are rather unknown, as he can theoretically lift for more than 423,000–432,000 lbs if in the right conditions
  • Enhanced Speed- He is capable of moving, flying, reacting, at superhuman speeds. While he is not as fast as speedsters such as the Flash. He could still outrun/outfly a fighter jet
  • Flight- Superman has the ability to defy gravity by emitting enough energy and force to maintain his bio-electromagnetic field in the air.
  • Ocular Heat Emission (Heat Vision)-Clark is capable of firing high concentrated amounts of energy through his eyes, if fired at full capacity it can melt through any solid objects
  • Invulnerability- His body is nigh-invulnerable, because of the dense anatomical structure of his cells as well as a bio-electric aura that surrounds his body, which makes superman either immune or just resistant to certain attacks. Any physical blows, or any type of lacerations will not affect Clark, however if the weapon is sharp enough, it is possible to penetrate past the bio-electrical field and the dense skin of a Kryptonian.

Superhuman Senses- Along with his variety of superhuman abilities, all of his senses are heightened to superhuman levels.

  • X-ray Vision-He has the ability to see through almost any surface area with this ability
  • Microscopic Vision-He has the ability to detect things that the naked eye can’t see
  • Infrared Vision-He has the ability to detect the heat signatures of any living being.


Vulnerability to Kryptonite- because of the high amounts of concentrated radiation stored within it, it causes superman’s cells to break down/weaken if in the vicinity of his rock

Lead- For unknown reasons, Superman’s X-ray vision does not work on any surface that has lead

Respiration- As an organic life form, even Kryptonians need to breath


  • Physicality: A+
  • Occult: D
  • Expertise: B
  • Combat: B+
  • Strategy: A-
    • TOTAL RANKING: High Threat

[Trivia & Notes][]


  • The begining of Batman and Superman's career jump started the return of masked vigilantes during the 21st Century
  • Clark's real birthday is actually unknown. As Jonathan and Martha listed his birthday as the day when his pod crash landed on earth