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[2580 BCE-1180 BCE] Princess of Themyscira[]

Diana of Themyscira is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta; she was born in the archipelagic island of Paradise Isle in the nation of Themyscira. The exact origins of her birth are currently unknown, and are only based on anecdotal events told by various people. Some say she was molded in clay by her mother, and was given life by the gods, while others say that, she was formed by the wishes and desires of her mother. But to Diana, she says that the truth is much simpler; Zeus impregnated Hippolyta, and Diana was the product of their affair. Nonetheless, upon her birth, she was trained to be the perfect warrior. She only knew about the mortal world, through stories from her mother and her instructors, but only managed to get permission to explore it, as a sign of one’s coming of age; her task was to help assist during the Trojan War. After the war ended, she was needed to return to the island, but she longed for a time, to explore and experience the mortal realm again.

[1180 BCE-620 BCE] Patriarch's World[]

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[2000-2003] Wonder Woman[]

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[Threat Analysis][]

Powers & Abilities:[]

Divine Empowerment- Being a daughter of Zeus, she was empowered with divine blessings from the Greek Gods.

  • Olympian Strength- Granted by the Goddess Demeter, it made her physically connected to the planet itself, thus in terms of pure strength, she’s stronger than Superman and Martian Manhunter.
  • Olympian Resilience- Granted by Demeter as well, it made her much more resistant towards physical and magical attacks, paired with her immense healing factor. She has the ability to last longer in combat compared to her teammates.
  • Olympian Speed and Flight- Granted by the God Hermes, She is capable of keeping up with Speedsters. She was also granted the ability to glide for long periods of time.
  • Olympian Reflexes- Granted by Hermes as well, Diana’s reflexes can surpass even the likes of Superman, as she is able to dodge or deflect any incoming attack that comes her way.
  • Olympian Wisdom and Battle Tactics- Granted by the Goddess Athena, She has learned over a dozen known earth languages, from her Native Themysciran, to Ancient and Modern Greek, Roman, English, Chinese, etc. She was also granted the ability of great insight in coming up of battle tactics for war, making her one of the skilled tacticians of the entire universe.
  • Animal Empathy- Granted by the Goddess Artemis, she is capable of understanding the feelings and intents of any wildlife in her vicinity (it is unknown whether this ability works on extinct creatures)
  • Olympian Senses- Granted by Artemis as well, her senses are heightened to superhuman levels.

Amazonian Physiology- Being an amazon, her body is much more refined and built for combat

  • Enhanced Healing factor- Granted by the Goddess Demeter to all amazons, it made all of them connected to the planet itself, thus making her heal any types of injuries much faster than any human. She is also highly resistant towards any type of poison, toxin as well as disease.

Amazonian Arsenal

  • Aegis of Athena(Bracelets of Submission)- it was modeled after the shackles that once held the amazons, it is made from an indestructible metal called Amazonium. Personally forged by Hephaestus herself, this gauntlet is capable of deflecting any type of projectile thrown at her be it bullets, lasers, magical attacks, etc.
  • Lasso of Hestia(Lasso of Truth)- One of Diana’s signature weapons, it is embedded with magic that is capable of making any user wrapped around it to tell the truth, it cannot be broken or thorn. The effects of the lasso can be resisted unless you have a willpower that is much greater than the wielder.
  • Sword of Hephaestus- Personally forged by her sister, this was a gift from her, once Diana has matured and capable enough to partake in war. This sword is one the strongest and sharpest weapons  known to man.
  • Crown of Hera- It can be used as a protective headgear, but is mainly used as a reminder of her royal status within the island.


Vulnerability towards Piercing weapons- She may have a higher pain tolerance than a regular human, but she isn’t immune to it. She could still be injured towards weapons like arrow and bullets.


  • Physicality: S
  • Occult: C-
  • Expertise: A+
  • Combat: A+
  • Strategy: A
    • TOTAL RANKING: Severe Threat

[Trivia & Notes][]


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  • In the comics Donna Troy is her adopted sister
  • She is a composite character of Exoristos from the Demon Knights series