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The Nexus is used as the realm that governs all the branching realities of the universe. Formerly ruled by a being only known as the Creator, it used the Nexus as a base to observe and experiment on its creations, in order to form the "perfect universe". However such a powerful being just disappeared leaving it's subordinates to watch over the destruction and rebirth of several universes, with this universe being the 8th Incarnation. Throughout the several prototypes, this universe is the one that spawned many branching realities. Not wanting to mess with the its former master's creations, the Overseer decides the rule over the Nexus, as a passing observer, even in the face of the destruction of the universe.

Alternate Realities[]

There are 24 recorded branching realities from this universe

  • RB- ???
  • RC-Gemworld
  • RD-???
  • RE-???
  • RF-"Flipped" is a branching reality where some events in the timeline happened differently, as well as some characters having been genderbent
  • RG-???
  • RH-???
  • RI-???
  • RJ-???
  • RK-???
  • RL-???
  • RM-???
  • RN-???
  • RO-???
  • RP-???
  • RQ-???
  • RR-???
  • RS-???
  • RT???
  • RU-???
  • RV-???
  • RW-???
  • RX-???
  • RY-???
  • RZ-"The Void/The God Sphere" this is outermoust branch of the universe, this is where all omnipitent beings and realities reside in